Swagata Sen Pillai

Director – Kinkini Dhvani

Born to family soaked in arts and music, Swagata is a very well known Bharatanatyam exponent, theatre person and an acclaimed choreographer and visualiser; she has choreographed over two dozen dance-dramas and a number of traditional classical items in ten different Indian languages. Her institution Kinkini Dhvani, established in 1991 in the precincts of Uttara Guruvayoorappan Temple in Mayur Vihar, is one of the most prominent centers for excellence in Kalakshetra style Bharatanatyam in the NCR.

She writes and sings apart from working in the field of education and sustainable development and corporate communications in professional capacities. She spends most of her time with children & young people, teaching them, training them and moulding them with great enthusiasm and priority. Swagata’s long association with theatre and television makes her a wonderful story teller and a presenter. Swagata has represented India in many cultural conferences including the Creative Clusters of the UK. She has received a number of honours and recognitions from both Indian and foreign institutions.