From a modest beginning, Kinkini Dhvani, under Swagata, fast gained popularity and now boasts of more than a hundred students undertaking the course.

The KKD Concert Section

The senior students, a majority of whom are at the post-graduate level in dance, have, for the past ten years, formed a concert section that has gained itself a reputation for outstanding performances.

Their talent has been on display both within the country and outside it, including a highly successful tour of the Middle East commemorating the Birth Centenary celebrations of Smt Rukmini Devi Arundale as part of the annual Smriti Pravah Festival.

This is where the second approach of the institution comes into play. With a vast repertoire of pure dance sequences and dance dramas both mythological, traditional and completely creative themes of contemporary times, the concert section and the Kinkini Dhvani banner, have done much in the past decade to bring within easy reach of the public their own traditions in that most pleasant form – a visual art that combines the soul of music, dance and theatre.

Invited time and again to perform at various prestigious areas, and to commemorate such singular moments such as the 50th year of CARE international, or yearly performances in the capital during Navaratri, Janamashtami and other Indian festivals, Swagata has proved her concert section equal to the palate of any audience.

The students have also been a regular part of social interventions undertaken by the institution or by the Director and have learnt to use the art to instil values, create space for social changes and communicate messages at all levels. Each participant brings a unique perspective that adds value to every project and is encouraged to explore avenues of contribution both individually and as a group, helping to create a sense of social responsibility and the ability to respond to needs in the society around them.

The KKD Family

Apart from the performances, the students of the Kinkini Dhvani, nurtured in the tranquil temple precincts in their formative years have the unique advantage of learning their art in its original surroundings, thereby bringing a special quality of reverence and sublimity to its execution. With students of different religious beliefs, gathering under the same roof to learn an art form that is alien to many of them, the ultimate group emerges as one with supreme religious tolerance and great capacity for co-existence. With the efforts of the past bearing fruit with each product of the institution, Kinkini Dhvani steps out each year with a resolve to surpass its own records.