Welcome to the KKD Family

Established on 5th April 1991, Kinkini Dhvani is an institution dedicated to the popularisation of the Indian classical arts amongst the youth.

To this end, the institution has employed a two pronged approach with great success.

On the one hand, instruction is imparted to the students in the pristine Kalakshetra format of the oldest classical dance form Bharatanatyam in the auspicious surroundings of the largest temple in East Delhi, the Uttara Guruvayoorappan temple of Mayur Vihar, a concept that is unique in the entire Northern India.
On the other hand, the art form is propagated through various programmes, dance dramas and lecture demonstrations to inculcate an appreciation of the dance form.

From a modest beginning, the institution fast gained popularity and now boasts of more than a hundred students undertaking the course. The students come from varied backgrounds and are enfolded within the process of learning an art form while imbibing the essence of Indian tradition and culture. Some, from less fortunate backgrounds find an opportunity to grow into young adults with a wider horizon than they may otherwise have been able to find. This makes the experience of both learning and teaching one of much greater satisfaction.